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healthy-&-activeHealthy & Active is a discount adult toy wholesaler that offers a wide selection, low prices and a free sex toy gift for first time buyers.

Although their prices are competitive, Healthy & Active online store leaves much to be desired. The layout is a little awkward for first-time shoppers and finding the right sex toy can be a chore.

This shop has been around since 1999 and seems to have a customer service reputation along with a loyal customer base.

Healthy & Active (

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  1. This place has horrible customer service. I ordered something from them and they sent me the WRONG product. When I called them they accused me of lying and said that was the product I had ordered. When I showed them otherwise, they agreed to exchange it but forced ME to incur the $9 shipping charge to ship it back. I would have ended up paying the same amount at a local store and not had to wait the 2 weeks it takes for them to ship it to me, plus the month it takes to get the correct product after their mistake.

    Needless to say, I would NEVER order from this website again and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

    Overall Rating Not RatedPrice Not RatedSelection Not RatedService Not RatedEase of Use Not Rated
  2. I have made 4 purchases of multiple items from Healthy & active, and have received excellent service. There was one item which didn’t work , and they replaced it at no cost and no hassle. I have no trouble navigating their store, and plan to be a customer for life.

    Overall Rating 44444Price 55555Selection 44444Service 44444Ease of Use 44444
  3. Buyer Beware!

    This company WILL REFUSE to cancel or refund ANY order made….even if it has not yet been shipped. I placed an order and realized I had made a mistake. Less than an hour later I submitted a cancelation request and was refused. The representative cited some nonsense regarding “due to their ‘streamlined’ customer service (mind you this is on the 3rd of December….I’m writing this on the 5th and the shipment STILL hasn’t been sent so when they say streamlined I don’t know what screwed up standard they are using) they could not cancel my order. I replied I’d just return to sender when it came in at which point I was directed to their “policy” page which states nothing can be returned period. Once it leaves the warehouse it’s considered “used”…even if it hasn’t been so much as touched or opened by anyone. NO reputable company would entrap their customers like that. I can understand not taking returns that have been opened, but come on not taking orders still sealed in the original packaging and shipping box….seriously???? Just think before you order, folks. According to their “policy” they have enough loop holes to never have to refund an honest claim….ever. I’m out nearly $40.00 for absolutely no reason other than expecting this company to be as honest as any other company I’ve dealt with in the past through Amazon. Make darn sure you are willing to get mauled before swimming with these sharks.

    Overall Rating 11111Price 22222Selection 33333Service 11111Ease of Use 11111
  4. I purchased an Enema Kit from Healthy and Active it was to be delivered by International Air a total of $35 – 2 weeks later still no product I emailed them twice asking for a refund – they don’t answer their email.

    Don’t get ripped off with this company you’ll be sorry.

    Robert Martin

    Overall Rating Not RatedPrice Not RatedSelection Not RatedService Not RatedEase of Use Not Rated
  5. i had ordered from this site through amazon. i just recieved my item and i love it nothing wrong with it at all just wish more care intructions came with it its also cheaper from amazon they want like 20 bucks on this site and i paid like 11 total with shipping im definitly satisfied

    Overall Rating 55555Price 55555Selection 55555Service 55555Ease of Use 55555
  6. I ordered by this company a product
    It never arrived. The UPS and UPC both deliver here daily but now suddenly my address wasn’t right according to healthy and Active. So the item returned to them.

    I wanted a refunds but don’t get it. I can get credits (when they have the item back) and can order…But no use isn’t it? When my address isn’t good.

    According to my tracking numbers the item was back at the 19th of December. But still nothing from them. Nineteen emails further with them and nothing.

    Don’t buy by this Company, your items don’t arrive and you don’t get your money back.

    Overall Rating Not RatedPrice Not RatedSelection Not RatedService Not RatedEase of Use Not Rated

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